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Adrian Alvarez/Artwork by Adrian Alvarez

Artwork by Adrian Alvarez

This is the artwork of Adrian Alvarez, as posted on Instagram. These are sketches and paintings that I did in my free time to express feelings or emotions that I had at the time. Some were just my imagination and some were from thoughts or experiences. You could say that the artwork of Adrian Alvarez is abstract. I didn’t set out to give it a label.

The artwork is my form of self expression. Whatever comes to mind and none can be considered ugly or inappropriate, as there is beauty in all art through self expression. I want others to realize this also and have often sat down to draw with other people as we each just let our minds go free to create.

People are like artwork and music and even modelling. Each person expresses themselves in their own unique way. As long as you are comfortable in your own skin, you shouldn’t be worried about what others think as you create your own masterpiece.

We spend much of our lives putting on a show for others. It’s time we took the time to express our own thoughts and what is inside of us and I encourage you to do so.

Thank you for visiting.

Adrian Alvarez